Nice review by George Harris in Jazz Weekly

Jon Burr Band
Just Can’t Wait
jbQ cd and dvd
By George W. Harris

This cd/dvd combo features the steady bass of Jon Burr, who has played with such luminaries as Silver, Getz, Bennett, Baker and O’Day. This release emphasizes his work with singers, which on this disc include the black velvety Ty Stephens, original Transfer Laurel Massee and the smooth pop of Yaala Ballin and Hilary Kole. The tunes range from the good time shuffle of “Just Can’t Wait” (which features the bluesy Houston Person on tenor) to the late night film nourish “Rainbow Over Harlem” Kole is folksy with Bob Mintzer’s soprano on “Snowfall” and mixes with Masee’s rich voice on “Song Of the Broken Word. Stephens is a find, and is justifiably featur ed on the lion’s share of the tunes. All throughout, Burr provides leadership, guidance and a wide array of moods and grooves. The perfect example of servant/leadership. A find for vocal fans. 

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