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The great vibraphonist Milt Jackson said “Music is sound and feeling.”

We believe that it is important from the earliest lessons for the student to experience the truth of this statement. We invite students to learn by feel from the very beginning in a 3-step process: first, clearly visualize the task at hand, focusing on the content and the physical techniques necessary to achieve the task; second, to focus awareness on the feeling of the task as it’s repeated; then, execute the task, preferably with a metronome, increasing focus and awareness on the sound and feeling of the result.

We find that the pace of retention is much faster when these methods are employed. If the feeling is unpleasant, then adjustments are made, or a more achievable goal is interposed by breaking the task into components. Enjoyment of the sound and feeling is an early and consistent goal, helping to maintain student competence and a sense of mastery.

Jon is offering local instruction in bass, music theory, and music technology, serving Yonkers and Westchester, NY
Lessons are available worldwide using Skype teleconferencing.


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