The Untold Secret to Melodic Bass

Untold Secret Cover “Jon has come up with a great book for bassists, and anyone else for that matter, which delves into the construction of compelling bass lines. He is very thorough in his approach talking about what the bassist does and all the why’s and how’s. Jon is a great musician, and his take on this subject matter is a welcome addition to the topic.”—Bob Mintzer, Grammy-winning saxophonist/composer/educator

“Jon Burr shares valuable secrets of jazz bass playing, and he writes in a clear and direct manner. This book will help students and pros alike in developing swinging, melodic and groove bass lines. “—Ted Rosenthal, pianist, composer and instructor at Juilliard School of Music

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“After decades as a first-call bassist on the New York jazz scene, Jon Burr reveals his concepts and musical wisdom in this concise and easy to understand tutorial. A must-have for the aspiring jazz bassist."

John Goldsby, author: The Jazz Bass Book

"As I read ( yes READ - not scanned ) through Jon's book I was thinking to myself " this is exactly how I try to teach my students the fundamentals" But by page 7 when he introduces the concepts of Internal Dynamics and Harmonic Dynamics I had my first "ah-ha" moment" - " this is how we actually PLAY ! ".
I already knew that I was going to make this a required book for all my students. I read (and played ) on till I took the challenge he presents at the end of page 18, and I just couldn't stop playing/practicing. I was already hearing lines I don't think I've ever played before !
I've been working on many of the concepts in this book for years, but never had the depth of understanding and clarity to articulate them , until NOW .

Can't wait to get off this computer and back into the woodshed with Jon's book.

Jon, thank you so much for sharing this info with us, you are going to help me and all who are lucky enough to come across this book to become better musicians.

A proud member of "The Brotherhood of Bassists"

Kermit Driscoll, pro bassist and recording artist

“If you want to be a creative BASS player, this is the book for you.”

Houston Person, saxophonist/producer/jazz master

“I finally had the time to actually play thru the book thorougly... it’s fantastic. It’s great to see someone addressing in print the stuff that makes melody sound so great. I love that last paragraph...It’s great to have stuff that veteran bassists learn to do intuitively explained in clear, logical language. It’s a wonderful, and as far as I know, unique, book.”

John Loehrke, bassist and educator

“Jon has made a science of of building bass lines with his extensive professional experience. With this Gem-of-a-book, he turns it into an understandable language, then into a practical application. It’s broken down to the responsibilities of the Bass Player and, where he has freedom within the bass line.” It’s a must-have publication for any bassist.”—Morrie Louden, bassist, composer and recording artist

“Jon has taken his years of experience and turned them into a clear and concise method for studying the bass.”

Ben Wolfe, bassist, Juilliard Instructor

“The Untold Secret to Melodic Bass is an outstanding rethinking of how expert jazz bassists actually conceptualize and navigate chord changes. Written from the perspective of a seasoned jazz veteran but set forth in a straightforward and engaging fashion, this book is an excellent addition to the library of any jazz bass student or teacher.”—Jason Heath, bassist, instructor, host/author of

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Rhythmic and Melodic Development In The Construction of Bass Lines

Written for Mark O'Connor's Strings Conference in 2003, this book explores techniques and examples for the development of bass lines, along with general discussion about the role of the bass in the ensemble
pdf download $5.75, direct from the author

Another Look at Melodic Construction in Improvisation

Further explorations in the methods actually used by real jazz musicians to create melodies - not a book of patterns or chordal scales, but of melodic ornamentation of harmony
pdf download $5.75, direct from the author