Student Comments

"I’ve recently started studying with Jon Burr and I feel like I’m making giant improvements. He’s helped me with some physical issues in both hands, and I feel like I’ve alleviated a lot of pain that I was causing in my body. Harmonically, Jon has been giving me stuff that I feel like I’ve never gotten anywhere else, and he’s able to convey this information in a way that is suited perfectly for me. I would highly recommend him as a teacher and plan on continuing my studies for a long time."

Arnold S. Gottlieb

"Spending an hour with Jon Burr recently was responsible for the biggest leap in my progress on the upright. After watching and listening to me play, he seemed uncannily able to identify the issues impeding my development, which mostly existed because of misinformation or bad technique. What has been so incredibly special and helpful is Jon's unique viewpoint, holistic in its approach, addressing the physical and spiritual, as well as technical aspects of playing the bass. All of this, yet totally practical, which for me was the improvement in my technique and enjoyment of the instrument on a gig I did only days after the lesson. Jon is definitely on to something, and he provides immediate and practical tools for development."

—Lincoln Schleifer, bassist w/Levon Helm, Donald Fagen, Boz Scaggs, Warren Haynes, Rosanne Cash, Michael McDonald

"Jon is a great bass teacher. My son has learned so much this past year, and continues to be enthusiastic about his lessons. In addition to learning theory and reading notes, Jon has inspired my son to write his own songs as well. It has been a wonderful experience!"

—Linda Solomon

"My son is so happy studying with Jon. He says that Jon is a great teacher. Because of where we live, we have a 280 mile round trip for a lesson. It's worth it! I'm always amazed that even after a long day of travel and study, my son is anxious to unpack his bass and start practicing. It's obvious that he is very inspired by his lessons with Jon, and excited about learning the skills that are allowing him to pursue his passion. We are very grateful to Jon for being such a strong positive influence in our son's life."

—Cheryl Nebbia (parent of student and Berklee star Aaron Nebbia)

"Jon is a truly inspiring teacher; watch him give a lesson, and you'll want to play bass. Jon finds what you need and knows how to help you get it. The improvement my son has made since studying with Jon is amazing."

—Eric Nebbia (parent of student and Berklee star Aaron Nebbia)

"One hastens to say that Jon Burr is a consummate and total teacher of the bass. He works with the student as he or she is, taking into account their weaknesses and strengths. He knows everything about music from the most avant guard rock to the baroque composers. He ties the mechanics of the bass into the playing of tones, and he is always ready to play as beautifully on the instrument as one has ever heard it played either in solo , duet or accompaniment. No task is too small for him , whether taking care of a crying kid, inducing that kid to love stringed instruments, or fixing a string or crack in the instrument.
Without boasting, I can say that I am a good observer and vetter of teachers because I have probably had  more lessons in my life from more teachers than almost anyone, having for example taking thousands of lessons in squash , tennis, clarinet, piano, and ice skating."

Victor Niederhoffer, student, author and trader

"Studying with jon burr is one of the most instructive experiences to have. his highly developed capacities in the rhythmic and especially melodic field is amazing. even more amazing that he's capable to help the student getting into these themes in a effective and understanding way. his attention towards the student's weaknesses is stunning and he's definitely able to help the student out of there. don't miss this opportunity to study with such a great teacher and getting inspired by this amazing musician."

—Raffaele Bossard, bassist from Switzerland

"... our lesson and the materials provided both by you and pdf file were invaluable to me. Great stuff and I'm slowly working it all out. I want to follow up on the string recommendation..."

—bassist Dave Post

"I've been taking lessons with Jon for a couple of months now and highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning music on the bass. As an older student with limited musical knowledge, I was looking for a different approach from my previous lessons. I expressed my intentions to Jon and we got right to it. Jon is a professional musician with the credentials to back it up. Playing the bass is what he does. Additionally, he has the ability to relate his knowledge in a manner that is easy to understand and geared toward accomplishing my goals. He is the "real deal Hollyfield", no dime store phony. If you want to learn from someone who knows the bass inside and out, contact Jon. He's got feet down below his knees."

—Joe Triscari

"I've been studying with Jon for a few months now and I can't say enough good things. First off, he is a phenomenal bass player and songwriter, but more importantly, he is also an excellent teacher. His vast knowledge of musical construction makes every lesson an exciting experience. Jon has helped me improve my playing and get me to the next level. Simply put, Jon is awesome! If you want to start playing bass, or if you've been playing for a while and want to learn more, Jon will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need."

—bass student Henry D'Allacco